Mission Statement
The Fairfield Free Public Library selects and presents materials, information, events, and services in order to educate, enlighten, entertain, and empower all of its community members.

The Fairfield Public Library association was formed in May of 1962 as the result of a suggestion by the Recreational Commission that Fairfield start a free public library. In the search for a location, the officers of the Library Association came up with the prospect of an old bus to be donated by Kevah Konner. The prospect became a reality, but soon the bus was full and a second location was sought.

In 1963, the library opened in a corner of Farmer Joe’s Market, a local store located on Fairfield Road. The store’s owner, Joseph Gallo, donated the space. Before a year had passed, the library had outgrown this space and a new location was sought. Warren Demouth donated a two-room building that had been a roadside stand. With the help of various organizations, the stand was renovated for library use. In 1964, the sum of $2,957.00 was put in the municipal budget for the support of the Library Association. The library remained a private association until 1969, when it became a municipal library. By 1965, the library had once again outgrown its space. The Mayor and Council of Fairfield allowed the library to occupy two rooms in an unused school building located at 241 Fairfield Road. In December of 1971, two additional rooms were made available for the library. The library continued to grow, and it became clear that a new library building was needed. A site on Hollywood Avenue was selected and ground was broken in 1983, with the generous assistance of Anthony Pio Costa. The building was completed in 1984, and took a second name of Anthony Pio Costa Memorial Library. The location at 261 Hollywood Avenue remains the site of the Fairfield Free Public Library.

In 2012 the Library underwent a total renovation. The goal of this renovation was to update the current library to best suit the needs of the community. New rooms were designed including a separate Children’s Library to best accommodate the children, a new café area complete with Wi-Fi and seating space to enjoy coffee, and an expanded Multi-Purpose room designed to hold meetings, programs, host performers and concerts.