Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy & Reservations
1. The room may be reserved for non-profit education, civic, and cultural purposes, but not for sectarian religious or partisan political meetings, or for merely business meetings, except where certain organization business is incidental to an educational, civic or cultural meeting. Please note that the use of the meeting room for library purposes will have priority over all other uses.
2. Application for the use of the room should be made, in writing, on a form supplied by the library. The application must be approved by the library director and/or the Board of Trustees. Click here for the full application.
3. The library will not charge a fee to local groups, agencies, or organizations. Meetings must take place during regular library hours and may not go beyond 9:00 pm.
4. All meetings must be open to the public. The library director or designated representative of the Board of Trustees reserves the right to attend any meeting held on library property. No fees, dues, or donations may be charged or solicited by the organization for any program.
5. The sponsor shall be present in the room during the entire time of the function and shall be fully responsible.
6. Children’s and youth groups may use the room provided they are supervised by an appropriate number of adults. The librarian-in-charge at the time of the function shall be sole arbiter of the “appropriate number of adults” to supervise. If the librarian-in-charge determines there are too few adults, the group will be asked to cancel the meeting.
7. Meeting room space must be solely for the purpose pronounced or intended. Neither the name nor the address of the library may be used as the official address or headquarters of any organization.
8. No refreshments of any kind may be served or provided.
9. Organizations showing slides may use the library’s equipment, but the organization must provide a competent operator of the equipment.
10. Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in any and all parts of the library.
11. The Board of Trustees of the Fairfield Free Public Library assumes no liability for injury or damage to the person or property of those attending the meeting, function, or activity, or for injury or damage to the person or property of the permittee, its offers, agents, employees, contractor, guests, or invitees; the views presented may not be the views of the Board of Trustees and the program, meeting, function, or activity is for information purposes only and not to solicit sales; and further, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to amend these regulations and to limit the number and frequency of public meetings, functions, and activities.


Revised 3/2001.